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On this website you will find press releases, interviews and further information for download (only available in german).

Pharmacy Future Check (Apothekerverband Wien, Apothekerkammer Salzburg)

Download Reservierungskupon ZukunftsCheck Apotheken
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Download Pressemitteilung Start von ZukunftsCheck Apotheken
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Ten theses about success strategies and future outlook for clinics (german only)

Download Vom Anbieter zum Partner
4.1 MB

Orthodontists: how patients will become admirers of your practice (new benchmarking for orthodontists)

Download Anmeldefax KFO Benchmarking
148.9 kB

Download Pressemitteilung KFO Benchmarking
144.0 kB

Interviews in English: Dental Care

Download EU Dental Interview
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Download Starget Interview
656.4 kB

Press release - The ideal partners for pharmacies to AMNOG

Download Interview Kooperations Kompass
412.4 kB

Download Pressemitteilung Partnerschaftsforschung Apotheken & Pharma 2011
67.5 kB

Press release - Perfect Pharmacy of the Future - Literature

Download Bestellflyer Apotheken Novum
127.5 kB

Download Pressemitteilung Ideale Apotheke der Zukunft Literatur
70.5 kB

Press release - medical equipment, better public instruct and inform

Download Bericht Deutsches Ärzteblatt
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Download Bericht MedTech
439.6 kB

Download Pressemitteilung Studie Apparatekommunikation
104.0 kB

Press Release - Perfect Dentist Image Study 2010

Download Pressemitteilung Zahnarzt Imagestudie 2010 kurz
70.5 kB

Download Pressemitteilung Zahnarzt Imagestudie 2010 lang
57.5 kB

BDIZ interview master plan for the right patient

Download BDIZ Interview Erfolgsfaktoren Zahnarztpraxis
4.6 MB

Flyer for the Book about dentist´s success factors

Download Bestellflyer Erfolgsfaktoren
88.7 kB

Interview DZW image study perfect Dentists

Download Interview DZW
1.6 MB

Powers of PTAs / study results

Download PZ Die Rolle der PTAs
335.7 kB

Patients study: Communication needs and paths / instruct & inform about Apparatus

Download Pressemitteilung Patientenstudie
102.5 kB

Patients trust doctors with good equipment / First Study on medical devices

Download Patientenstudie Apparatemedizin Pressemitteilung
534.7 kB

Daily newspapers on medical equipment study

Download Berliner Morgenpost Apparatemedizin
56.4 kB

Recognized and highly respected medical devices

Download DAeB Geraetemedizin
49.3 kB

MTA Study 2009 professional representation and analysis

Download MTA Studie 2009 Praesentation
4.1 MB

MTA Study 2009: New image of the profession MTA

Download MTA Studie 2009
575.2 kB

Survey on mammography screening

Download Pressemitteilung Mammographie Screening
18.4 kB

Interview FOCUS - QM and Hospital Management

Download Interview FOCUS
911.9 kB

Interview "The panel doctor" - Medical Marketing

Download Interview Der Kassenarzt
414.2 kB

Interview on payment according to health performance (IGEL) and marketing for specialists

Download Interview IGeL
343.7 kB

Health Care Report IHK Tokyo

Download Health Care Japan
1.5 MB

Interview Handelsblatt - Medical Affairs / new honesty

Download Interview Handelsblatt
550.4 kB

Handelsblatt report - Health Management

Download Handelsblatt Report
1.2 MB

DÄB doctors strategies - Work smarter not harder

Download DAeB Aerzte Strategien
742.0 kB

Press release - Hospital Marketing

Download Pressemitteilung Hessischer Rundfunk
22.2 kB