Key data for the Institute of Prof. Riegl

Head office:
Provinostr. 11 (Augsburg centre) 86153 Augsburg, Germany

Tel. ++49 (0)821-567144-0
Fax ++49 (0)821-567144-15

Institute Secretary:
Ms. Marion Brück
Ms. Charlotte Westphal

Project Manager:
Ms. Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH) Angelika Böck

Managing Director:
Michael Thieme

Establishment of the Institute: 1979



Key facts

= Prof. Riegl & Partner — registered trademark

PR.&P. is founded in 1979, independent research and consulting institute specialized in the health sector in Europe (including experience in the USA), based in Augsburg, Germany

PR.&P. offers consulting services, verification activities, patient research and publishing products for

  • doctors,
  • dental practices
  • pharmacies,
  • hospitals,
  • veterinarians and
  • other medical facilities.

PR.&P. partners with medical societies, professional organizations, physicians' associations and major health providers.



Focus of the Institute's work:

  • Health care research and consulting projects in the outpatient and inpatient fields (about 1,000,000 Evaluations)
  • Publications in professional and public media
  • Press conferences on health issues
  • Agency and publishing services (References see also Literature Service)
  • Events, Lectures, workshops, symposia, congresses, meetings



Positioning and strengths of the institute Prof. Riegl

  • Cutting-edge, socially responsible marketing programs for healthcare professionals, clinics and providers in the health sector on the basis of scientific studies.
  • Innovative quality programs with value-added effects for high performers in the outpatient and inpatient health of the first and second Health Market.
  • Code-oriented and sustainable compliance programs for companies in the healthcare industry with careful privacy premises.
  • Research Databases by 1 million patients with benchmarking surveys based on analysis of 10 000 practices, 700 hospitals and 4 000 pharmacies.
  • Collaborations with leading companies in the health sector, professional organizations and health media.

Our Credo: „Strategies and programs for the decision makers in health sectors.”



2013: Start of benchmarking projects in the healthcare sector, USA (individual service consulting in american specialist practices, for example in Hawaii/Honolulu, Palo Alto, Berkeley California or New York)



Health marketing for the practice on a scientific basis


for all healthcare professionals and their business partner in marketing




  • 700 clinics attended our programs (Europe and USA).
  • 16,000 doctors participated in institute's programs
  • 4,000 pharmacies were involved in institute's programs
  • 122 pharmaceutical and medical companies are business partners of the institute
  • Co-operation with most of medical profession institutions of the countries