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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Gerhard F. Riegl

Founder of the institut and scientific director

Prof. Riegl

Expert for benchmarking in healthcare, scientific analyses, consulting. He is well known for his professional pharmacy-, doctor- and hospital marketing in the european market and for his publications.

  • Business studies in Munich and Augsburg, Diplomkaufmann, Promotion "Marketing Managementprozess"
  • Professor at the university of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, faculty of business, teaching the major course: Marketing Management International
  • Well known pharmacy-, practice - & hospital analyst, patient researcher and health-customer-researcher (espacially with referrer structures).

  • Ongoing accomplishment and publication of studies regarding the image of medical professions and hospitals, as well as the appraisal of health institutes.

  • Specializing in pharmacists, physician-and patient-oriented health services, in outpatient and inpatient research with the Institute of Management in the Health Service. Consumer protection for citizens by providing quality health research and human healthcare with hightouch.
  • More than 350 professional publications, including monographs and basic works to marketing to health professionals and service providers (doctors, pharmacies, hospitals). Member of the Association of German Medical Journalists
  • Thousands of pharmacies, professional doctors, clinics and decision-makers and their staff know the legendary programs, events and publications of Prof. Riegl. They have benefited from his pioneering socially responsible marketing programs for health professionals. Nickname: "The Power Riegl"
  • Special features: "Innovative quality programs with patients orientation to strategic competitive advantage and value chain management for health professionals entrepreneurial or hospitals in the first and second health market.
  • References have been in outpatient pharmacies at 4,000, 10,000 practices throughout Europe with benchmarking, with scientific assessments and patient satisfaction measurement in comparative tests. So far 1 million patient evaluations for the assessment of health facilities. In the stationary sector cooperation and references with more than 700 hospitals of all categories.
  • Cooperation on various health projects such as management with the physicians' association in Berlin, with professional associations (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) as the dermatologist, the children- and young-doctors, urologists, the gynecologists, radiologists and consulting experience with leading pharmaceutical partners to health professionals or clinics.
  • See also Google: "Prof. Riegl" = up to 10,000 hits.

FOCUS: Prof. Riegl „is known in Germany as the expert in hospital management and quality assurance in medicine“